Pest Control

Option (1): Protect your home from pests like cockroach bedbugs ant mosquitos ticks & fleas etc. Treatmeant includes complete spray of the interiors of your premises with appropriate chemical and also application of gel at points where cockroachs grow fast. Charges @ Rs 800/- for first 1000 sq. feet. For additional area @ Rs 0.50 per sq. feet.

Option (2): Protects your home from termites and wood borer. Treatment includes drilling of holes in ground floor along the wall areas of the room at a distance of approx 2 feet. These holes are then filled with anti-termite chemical and sealed with white cement. For termite on walls and wood borer a spray treatment is applied. Charges @ Rs 5/- per square feet of the room size. (Min: Rs 500/- per site)

Booking amount: Rs 500/- payable in advance
10% discount for online payment

Service Charges - 500 Rs