Domestic Labour Facility

  • Domestic labour (Maid cook driver helper etc) can be arranged for you as per your requirement.
  • Appropriate candidate will be sent for selection by you as per your job profile. You will have to finalize terms and conditions pay and job directly with the candidate.
  • Upto 5 persons will be sent for selection. We will provide you information regarding approximate wages and employment conditions
  • If we are unable to provide you appropriate workers withen 15 days 100% of the service charge will be refunded back to you. There will be no refund if you fail to select the candidate from the persons sent to you by us.
  • Charges Rs 2000/- per manpower. Additional Rs 1000/- if you require Police verification of the candidate selected. We also provide free replacement within 3 months if required under this scheme
  • After receipt of advance payment we will send workers for your interview withen 7 - 21 days
  • 15% discount for online payment.

Service Charges - 1700 Rs